Enterprise: Broken Bow

I have become quite fond of the new Enterprise series, and had begun writing an episode guide just for my personal archives. I’ll publish this here, currently only as a plain list. Enjoy…

What you need to know: „Enterprise“ (ENT) deals with the time frame after the invention of the warp drive by Zephran Cochrane, and before the launch of the NCC-1701 under captain Kirk. In other words, the guys riding the NX-01 Enterprise, the first, experimental starship, are space rookies. Captain Archer and his science officer, the Vulcan T’Pol, have never fired a phaser before, and don’t trust beaming. Involuntary comedy is sometimes at an alltime high. The technology tries to look retro, but the technobabble is just the same. One has to be a serious trekkie to enjoy it.

Broken Bow

Pilot episode: A Klingon fleeing from two Suliban lands on earth, and is almost killed by a farmer in a corn field. Admiral Forrest deploys Enterprise, though not quite ready yet, against the advice of the Vulcans, to bring him back to Kronos. Unfortunately the Suliban mange to kidnap him out of sickbay. Archer decides to try and save the mission by going to Rigel X, where the Klingon had come from. They encounter Suliban of both types: genetically enhanced warriors partaking as mere pawns in a „Temporal Cold War“, and more peaceful rebels who had tried to co-operate with the Klingons. When T’Pol overrides her Vulcan orders and helps Archer trace the Suliban ships, they are able to destroy a Suliban helix, save the Klingon an return him to Kronos.

Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2

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