Enterprise: Singularity

Enterprise is drifting towards a black hole. All crew are unconscious. All? No, a stubborn Vulcan is unaffected and is recording the events in her log. Flashback to two days earlier: When planning to research said black hole, the crew start behaving irrationally, maniacally concentrating on whatever irrelevant task they were at when some radiation infected them; perfecting a recipe for Chinese food, repairing the capatain’s chair, drawing up a speech, inventing the Red Alert. When things go from bad to worse, T’Pol has to shake up the captain as best she can, and rely on him to fly Enterprise away from the radiation in last minute. Threatened by a huge asteroid, Archer is glad to learn that at least his armory officer’s attempts at improving security protocols could be put to a real use.

Season 2, Episode 9

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