Schlagwort-Archive: Enterprise

Enterprise: Shadows of P’Jem

The „Andorian Incident“ has belated consequences: Annoyed Vulcans plan to blame T’Pol for Enterprise discovering their spy-monastery, and to relieve her of her post. When Captain Archer takes her on one last away mission to what seems to be a mere bunch of peace-loving people, some less peace-loving rebels capture them and request a ransom. In marches the Vulcan relief vessel, whose captain turns out all too eager to settle such problems with a brandished gun. The Daring Duo, Tucker/Reed, attempt a rescue mission of their own, and find unexpected support in the Andorians who wish to repay their debt. When the Vulcans start their assault simultaneously, things barely evolve to the good, but a leftover rebel has one laser shot left in store, aimed at the Vulcan commander. T’Pol saves him by taking that wound herself. While she is unconscious in sickbay, Archer uses her heroics to bargain her out of the accusations raised against her.

Season 1, Episode 15

Enterprise: Silent Enemy

An alien vessel at first crosses the bows of Enterprise, but refuses to return Archer’s hails. When it shows up a second time, it attacks and disables most of Enterprise’s systems. It does show up a third time, only to learn that Malcolm Reed and his team have substantially upgraded their armory. Captain Archer, who had been about to return to Earth for better weapons, is pleased to see that Enterprise can help themselves.

Season 1, Episode 12

Enterprise: Civilization

Still unexperienced in first contacts, Enterprise observes a pre-industrial civilization. When the scanners discover an antimatter reactor, Archer decides to move in and investigate. The away team discovers a camouflaged alien mining operation, and the exploiting aliens are less than happy to meet colleagues. Reluctantly, Archer has to employ the help of a local scientist to solve the situation.

Season 1, Episode 9

Enterprise: Breaking the Ice

In order to examine an ice comet, Enterprise deploys Mayweather and Reed in a shuttlepod. Archer is less than pleased to learn that a Vulcan vessel is observing their research, apparently spying on the humans at all times. An attempt at „breaking the ice“ during a dinner fails. Meanwhile T’Pol has personal bothers: Her pre-arranged marriages is about to come apart. When the shuttlepod gets themselves in troubles, Archer has to swallow his pride and ask the Vulcans for help.

Season 1, Episode 8