Schlagwort-Archive: Enterprise

Enterprise: The Catwalk

Enterprise is about to research a new system when another ship warns them about a storm they are too slow to evade. The crew’s only chance turns out to be seeking protection in the warp nacelles, on a narrow catwalk. They discover they are no longer alone aboard – aliens of the same race who warned them are about to take over the ship. On questioning their „friends“, they admit to being deserteurs who fled their corrupt commanders. Archer and his crew now have to get rid of their unwanted guests while they can only move about their own vessel in radiation shielding suits.

Season 2, Episode 12

Enterprise: Precious Cargo

Aliens transporting a passenger in a stasis chamber ask for help when that chamber threatens to fail. Tucker tries to repair it but isn’t quick enough – luckily, as it turns out: the sleeping beauty waking up in his arms is a princess just like in the fairy tales, and is being held against her will. She also is an aristocratic bitch, as Tucker quickly learns when he is forced to flee in a rescue pod together with her. But Tripp wouldn’t be the womanizer he is if the story held no happy ending for both.

Season 2, Episode 11

Enterprise: Vanishing Point

When an away team is threatened by some storm, Archer is forced to collect them by transporter. Especially Ho Shi is still very reluctant to accept this vehicle, and for a good reason, as it would seem for a moment: In the days following the transport she finds herself exceedingly „invisible“, being ignored by fellow crewmen and eventually even by doors. When she finally disappears in a translucent parallel universe, she is instead able to see aliens who are about to booby-trap Enterprise, aliens invisible to the rest of the crew. She finds a way to contact the living, but apparently too late. When the aliens use their transporter to escape from the ship, she overcomes her fear of the things and follows them, only to learn that it was all a dream.

Season 2, Episode 10

Enterprise: Singularity

Enterprise is drifting towards a black hole. All crew are unconscious. All? No, a stubborn Vulcan is unaffected and is recording the events in her log. Flashback to two days earlier: When planning to research said black hole, the crew start behaving irrationally, maniacally concentrating on whatever irrelevant task they were at when some radiation infected them; perfecting a recipe for Chinese food, repairing the capatain’s chair, drawing up a speech, inventing the Red Alert. When things go from bad to worse, T’Pol has to shake up the captain as best she can, and rely on him to fly Enterprise away from the radiation in last minute. Threatened by a huge asteroid, Archer is glad to learn that at least his armory officer’s attempts at improving security protocols could be put to a real use.

Season 2, Episode 9

Enterprise: The Communicator

On return from a cloaked exploration of a pre-warp culture, Reed notices he has lost his communicator. When they return to retrieve it in order to prevent „cultural contamination“, Reed and the captain are caught by the military of one warring faction. Since they don’t understand what they see, they want to execute the team to further examine their bodies. Tucker and Mayweather try to activate their captured Suliban cell ship to save the away team using the Suliban cloaking technology. When time is running short, an accident renders Tripp Tucker partially invisible.

Season 2, Episode 8

Enterprise: The Seventh

T’Pol is ordered to finish some unfinished business: as a young agent she once failed to arrest a spy gone bad, now he has been located. When she catches him together with Captain Archer, he pleas not guilty and helps her remember that on their last encounter she killed a man and then had the memory of that removed by her Vulcan brethren. Uncertain of herself, she believes him – a mistake, as it turns out…

Season 2, Episode 7

Enterprise: A night in sickbay

Archer is forced to ask for the help of unfriendlier races from previous episodes, this time the Cretassians of „Vox Sola“. Once more their diplomacy tests Jonathan Archer’s thin patience. When it also leaves his beloved dog Porthos on the brink of death and Dr Phlox diagnoses him with surpressed sexual desire for T’Pol (Archer, not the dog), his temper almost gets lost for good.

Season 2, Episode 5